Jean Harlow’s Packard

June 8, 2007

Here’s a nice full shot of Jean Harlow’s ’32 Packard. Gorgeous!  Several month’s ago, we blogged on the death of Robert Petersen, whose museum in LA is a world class homage to automobiles.  Click here to see this same car on display there.

EJ in Jean Harlow’s Packard

June 8, 2007

EJ in Jean Harlow Packard  More to come on EJ’s trip to Los Angeles where he is researching, among other things, his next book.  That will be about producer/director Paul Bern, at the time of his death the husband of Jean Harlow.  Here’s a picture from yesterday of EJ at the wheel of Jean’s ’32 Packard, parked in front of one of Jean’s homes in Beverly Hills.  More to come…

Bob Barker Tour

June 6, 2007

cbs.jpgIf you’re traveling by CBS Television City in Hollywood and are wondering what’s up with the lines, see this MSNBC article on Bob Barker leaving ‘The Price Is Right’.  I remember his as much for ‘Truth or Consequences’, which my memory suggests was pretty funny.

There are these two Bob Barker addresses at The Movieland Directory to add to your Bob Barker tour.  Throw in a visit to his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  And, you have a fun little tour.

TMD MySQL: Marilyn Monroe Tour

June 3, 2007

That means, The Movieland Directory is now running off of MySQL.

OK…that bores you?

Then visit the Sample Tours page at TMD.  Jump in your car and take the Marilyn Monroe tour.

Curating The City: Happy Birthday, Norma Jean

June 1, 2007

Well…the site is up under the old wimpy database as we iron out this switch to an industrial strength database.

So, to kill time I was reading and came across this link to a pilot project of the L.A. Conservancy:  Curating The City.  The first of these in 2005 covers Wilshire Boulevard from Downtown out to Santa Monica.  There is an attractive PDF self-guided tour (That is 셀프-가이드 투어 in Korean and Recorrido A Su Gusto in Spanish!)  And, this very cool interactive map of the journey.  (Though I can’t imagine driving through Westwood without visiting Marilyn Monroe’s grave, and the many other Movielanders at Westwood Memorial Park.  It’s really a very peaceful and lovely little cemetary.  Probably busy, today, Marilyn’s birthday.)

If you are visiting Los Angeles, or live there and want to know what you’re missing or just touch base with your history, enjoy the tour!