Send Us Your Tours!

July 20, 2006

We off on vacation in the family truckster visiting family in New England starting Friday afternoon.¬† By the time we return, Orville’s new PC – our development environment ūüôā – should be back from the shop with a motherboard transplant and we’ll attack the site anew.

In the meantime, we’re asking if you would please send us your favorite personal tours of LA.¬† Though we totally recommend taking advantage of folks like Scott Michaels for a unique LA tour, we are particularly keen on traveling ourselves.¬† Driving.¬† Getting out of the car.¬† Walking.¬† Biking.¬† Getting¬†a drink.¬† Getting a meal.

Here’s what we’re suggesting:¬† go to a site like Yahoo! Maps, or Google Maps, or MapQuest, or Wayfaring and – using The Movieland Directory – or whatever resources you like, put together your favorite personal tours of Los Angeles.¬† The more personal, the better.¬† Send them to us, along with a description of the stops.¬† The only requirement is that the tour – in¬†addition to whatever description you provide –¬†be in the form of a hyperlink as on the Sample Tours page at TMD.¬†¬†That way, we can easily post it at The Movieland Directory site (and people can take advantage of the computer generated driving or walking directions).¬† Not too difficult, right?¬† If you’ve got GPS-compliant information, ship it in.¬† Send the submissions to¬† Thank you for coming to visit The Movieland Directory.¬† We look forward to hearing from you, and sharing your ideas with everyone here.

Home Valuations

July 16, 2006

Another fun aspect of looking at all that real estate in LA is speculating on the values.¬† Here’s an interesting piece in the Chicago Tribune (free subscription required) referring to an assessment of Zillow and other like sites¬†in the Journal of Real Estate Literature.

The Brewery Artwalk

July 13, 2006

We love do-it-yourself tours, and this is one for those who enjoy art.  Twice a year.

Mapquest Multi-Point Routing

July 13, 2006

As we are mapping services junkies, we played with the new MapQuest multi-point routing interface.¬† Nicely done.¬† I would have made the “reorder” feature a little more straightforward and prominent, as that is the first thing you do after you’ve slapped¬†in the addresses you want to see.¬† The “Link To This Page” feature is not available in this release (so…IMHO…don’t show the link on the page!)¬†¬†The popup form for emailing the link for a route was not working in IE 7.¬† So, I opened FireFox, no problem,¬†and emailed the directions of a little Walt Disney tour from some Walt addresses from TMD.¬† Altogether, very decent…though sorely lacking in that you can’t cut-and-paste the link immediately, as you can in Yahoo.¬† I’ll stick with Yahoo as my favorite for that reason alone.

Family Travel

July 11, 2006

OK…maybe some of our favorites, and not all of what makes LA interesting, are rated G.¬† But, we do have kids, travel with them eveywhere, and hope they’ll enjoy traveling with us when they’re older.¬† Here is an article posted in the Chicago Tribune (free subscription may be required) with a handful of helpful “traveling with kids” sites.

Movieland Weekend Hiatus

July 9, 2006

Pace of development on the site has been a bit moribund the past month.¬† Holidays and family travel and work responsibilities cutting into things.¬† This weekend no exception:¬†¬†took the South Shore to South Bend, today picking up the kids at Notre Dame volleyball camp.¬† Easy train ride.¬† South Bend is one of the least expensive housing markets in the country…and it looks it, I’m sorry to say.¬†¬†I’m out to the hinterlands for golf, tomorrow, with EJ and friend Jim (shameless plug).¬† Again, taking the train as I’d rather hit myself in the head with a hammer than drive¬†back into the city on Sunday night.¬† The fact that the train stop is less than ten minutes from our house on this end, and EJ’s on the other makes it nearly a no-brainer.¬† Ciao!

Scott’s The Expert!

July 6, 2006

From LA to the Heartland, Scott Michaels is the expert on what draws people to locations with an infamous or notorious history.¬† See his list on how to behave when you are on¬†your own¬†DIY “notorious” tour.¬†

Lisa Burks

July 6, 2006

Many thanks to Franchot Tone biographer Lisa Burks for¬†her generously worded post on The Movieland Directory site.¬†¬†You have to go there to see the absolutely perfect “LA Tour” Bettman/CORBIS picture she found.¬† I just may have to steal…er…re-use that someday!¬† (Also, check out the Carole Landis page at TMD for a link to a fascinating look at Lisa’s careful restoration of Carole’s cemetary marker, and the visitors who took a truly ¬†unique story of their LA visit back to Japan!)

Here’s an interesting review in InformationWeek of some successful web development efforts.¬† We’re following the same low-cost, whatever-we-can-figure-out-how-to-do-ourselves model here at TMD.¬† It’s probably taking us twice as long as it should.¬† But, we’re learning; and who can put a price on that!?