LA Ramble

August 31, 2006

I can’t say I did absolutely nothing at work.  I did some Visual Basic computer programming, which I never do.  And, from my padded cube in Chicago, I sat in on a teleconference with people from New Jersey.  For those who have not ever worked for Giganticorp, all I can say is, “Dilbert.  It’s true.”  Anway…in my “all things LA” day, I came across a relatively new site – I’d never seen before – which looks like the combined efforts of government and non-profit cultural institutions in LA.  Based on the one visit, I’d recommend it to anyone visiting.  Click here for  They had a nice little podcast about Pershing Square.  But, not being the map fiends that we are, they did not include the obvious satellite shot from live.local, nor the obvious TMD address list from the Biltmore across the street.  To look up and down the neighborhood blocks, here’s the Olive Street link from TMD.  Good night!

So Much Great Stuff

August 31, 2006

There is just so much great stuff out there for anyone interested in Los Angeles (or anything).  Today I was bored to tears, as I am being reorganized and there is little for me to do until things settle down (supposedly tomorrow).  Only at a huge company (or, I suspect, working for the government) could you get away with long periods of indolence.  For those of you who don’t have a job…I’m sorry.  For those that do, and enjoy your job…I’m jealous.  So, today I surfed the Internet for all things Los Angeles.  I came across this great old map of LA, circa 1902.  I love maps.  Check that map out and try to picture what things looked like back then.  We’ll post more “old stuff” soon.

Google Search

August 29, 2006

Hollywoodland…the movie

August 24, 2006

We’re going to the Chicago press showing for the September release of “Hollywoodland“!  The movie revolves around a detective’s (Adrien Brody) investigation of the murder of George Reeves.  Bob Hoskins plays Eddie Mannix, one of the subjects of EJ’s book, The Fixers.  You’ll want to get the book before the movie comes out just for the Superman chapter.  EJ’s theory is unique.  (And, yes…we know the editing for that book is not up to snuff).  He received the passes as a thanks from Newsday’s John Anderson, who tracked EJ down for a discussion of the book and EJ’s take on the murder…or was it?!

We’re Developin’

August 18, 2006

OK…it’s not exactly a “we” developing, it’s an Orville.  You’ll see that “we” embedded a Yahoo map, and added links to pass all addresses for particular search to Yahoo and Google.  Pretty cool.  Once in Ya-Google, you can use their tools – which we won’t bother to develope! – to add or remove address to your personal “DIY” tour.  Coming in the future, you’ll be able on TMD to save inidividual addresses from TMD to “your favorites”, and pass THOSE to Ya-Google.  Fun!  Tip of the cap to Orville!

How Addresses Are Added…Slowly…

August 13, 2006

This is how “it” works.  This sick, twisted obsession of mine.  Now up to 45,266 names, waiting for the final upload when Tony get’s his butt in gear.  Anyway, I was doing my weekly check of Pasadena filming;

I noted among the various feature films and episodic television being filmed in Pasadena in the next few weeks a program for Touchstone Television with several filming dates listed just as “Episode #302” (one is a misprint, listed as #203).  There are also other Touchstone Television series film locations in the same period, with the series’ name included in the schedule.  This tells the cynical streetwise Hollywood detective that it’s listed #302 because they don’t want people knowing what’s filming, and hence, showing up.  That means popular.  So I did a little poking around and found…

It’s the second episode of Desperate Housewives, which is why they don’t want the world knowing it’s being filmed those days at those addresses.  Lord knows I’d go…