This site is the periodic dose of The Movieland Directory site (www.movielanddirectory.com), which we affectionately refer to as TMD.  The TMD site was setup as a sort of “Do It Yourself Star Home Tour” for people visiting Los Angeles.  It’s way more than that.  Go.  Click around there.  You find the person or street or city you are looking for, and the site will pass the address to any of the three major mapping tools – Yahoo!, Google, or Virtual Earth (our favorite).

That site, after many fits and starts, is now in good shape for growth.  Most of the pages there are created dynamically in a geeky way that is pretty cool.  We hope to add more content and otherwise grow that site in 2008 (family, job, and other responsiblities notwithstanding).  The database – The Movieland Directory – will soon have over 80,000 records!  All the work of one guy.  E.J.

E.J. has spent years researching addresses and locations in and around Hollywood and related to the movies.  He has spent countless hours pouring over census records, voter registration forms, passport application and travel manifest records, and historical records to put together the most incredible historical listing of movie-related addresses ever assembled.  It is the most accurate and in-depth record ever compiled.

Because it is a more time-consuming process to update that site, and because we have paying jobs, we use this site to…talk and fill in the gaps.  Los Angeles, Hollywood lore, travel, maps.  Whatever we feel like.  This is pretty much a Britney Spears and Paris Hilton Free Zone.  We leave that nonsense to TMZ and the others.

Check out the links in the margins.  They cover the waterfront for the Do-It-Yourself LA travel planner.  Or, for anyone that just likes to read.   If you have any links you think are truly unique and special and belong in this collection, let us know.

For no good reason other than it was provided by our first web host, we use WordPress.  The freebie version.  Highly recommended.

Thank you for stopping by.


2 Responses to About

  1. Your Mama says:


    We noticed your linkage over to our little blog and also your recent post about the absolute banality of the Soccer Dude and the Spice Gurl.

    I totally agree about not understanding the tremendous interest in these two, but sometimes you have to give the children the meal they’re asking for, right?

    And on that note, we’d love to see your long list of homes they’ve looks at…we know many, but are just sure your list is very complete.

    I’ll be sure to add your site to our blogroll.

    Thanks again for the link.

    Bye now,


  2. Several Movies were filmed, not listed on your site, in West Hills. Fast Times at Richmond High and The Kid, with Bruce Willis. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0219854/

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