Earth Links

June 28, 2006

On reading on mapping, came across this cool site loaded with thousands of science links. I love well vetted links pages, like this, or this. (I still have kids in school!)  I would love to see more done in the way of what I call “natural search”.  In other words, while I am an MBA-card-carrying capitalist, and a supporter of the various “click-per” income generators of Google and the rest, I am disheartened that the search results provided by Google and the others clearly are lacking in vetting information for people who are not interested in buying anything.  I’m not an expert on Google Scholar or any other like programs.  All I know is that since the ’90’s, search has become more like spam.  It is far less enjoyable.  I believe people are going to rely more-and-more on personal libraries of vetted links – shared with others via blogs and sites like Rollyo.