LA Traffic Visualization

February 8, 2008

A visually (and programmatically) clever presentation of Los Angeles traffic data from a designer at Yahoo!


“The Hills” Tour

January 19, 2008

We don’t spend too much time talking about today’s celebrities or anything overly trendy. We’ll let TMZ and the rest take care of that. But, we read and we always like seeing a nicely put together do-it-yourself tour. Here’s a tidy tour and map of sites pulled from “The Hills”, put together at Pick any stop on that tour and you can add stops of interest from TMD. For example, if you visit gridskipper’s suggested stop in Studio City, The Movieland Directory offers hundreds of stops just in Studio City. So, click around until you find a name you recognize, like…Matthew Broderick.

Even if you decide you don’t want to leave your desk, go ahead and take advantage of the fact that TMD passes our address information directly to the major search engines. You simply click. On any screen where you see a hyperlink to Yahoo, Google, or Virtual Earth, click nd TMD will pass the address to that site. Here’s the Virtual Earth look at the Studio City address Matthew Broderick used to call home.

Downtown Walking Tours

May 11, 2007

In case you have not visited prior, you should know that one of the things that guided the development of The Movieland Directory was our thinking that there is life for travelers beyond shopping and eating.

I was clicking through the links at the blog here and see that USC Geography Department has revamped their downtown walking tours site since last I looked.  Nice job.  We will have to do our homework and get more of these sites on the Directory.  Take a look.  You will find something here for your next visit.

Los Angeles Maps

April 28, 2007

If you’re traveling, you need maps.  Cellphone is great.  GPS is great.  And, of course, The Movieland Directory, and whatever other addresses and maps you create from the TMD website.

But, in addition, we like maps.  For traveling in Los Angeles, you can’t beat The Thomas Guide.   If you can’t pack that, I received an excellent referral for quality maps.  I exchanged email with Angus Weller at Weller Cartographic, who builds beautiful maps.  I ran into Angus while looking for a detailed map of Nicaragua.  His was so by far and away the best I found online, that I went to him to see if he had yet built one for Costa Rica.  No luck there, but he did refer me to this site, which has an exhaustive collection of Los Angeles maps and guides.

 If you are a traveler, or just like to see maps as art, check out Angus’ work at Weller Cartographic.

Tracking Your Walk In LA … or New York or Chicago or Anywhere

March 21, 2007

Plan Your WalkWe think of The Movieland Directory as a travel-related site.  We hook into all the major mapping tools, so you can use your favorite, and mix in your own stops along the route.  

When I plan walking or biking routes, I love this online pedometer which uses Google Map functionality.  I have only found it useful for person-powered travel, as opposed to planning car travel.  I use it to keep track of my running and biking routes around Chicago, like my path home from work, last night.  If you stayed at Sportsman’s Lodge in Studio City, and the staff threw you off the jogging track at Harvard-Westlake up the street (been there, done that), this little route would not be an unpleasant weekend morning jog.  (But, try the track.  It’s nice!)

To use the site, you zoom to street level, then start double-clicking your waypoints along your route.  It calculates how far you have traveled on the fly, so you’ll have a good idea of how much time will be passing and how much longer you will want to go before breaking for a drink.  When you are done, it saves the route and provides the numbered url, immediately.

There are other cool map sites with more features, but this is a handy and focused little tool which does this one thing very well.

If you have any handy general map or travel links, or any great Los Angeles links you feel any traveler must review to know LA better, let us know.  We can include them here or on our links page at The Movieland Directory.

Chicago To L.A. – Take A Left. A Soft Right. And You’re There

March 3, 2007

We love maps.  E.J.’s first book, Hollywood Death and Scandal Sites, is all about driving and directions.  Each of sixteen driving tours’ sites and stories are joined with turn-by-turn directions.  The first thing we did developing The Movieland Directory site was ensure that the site could pass our addresses to all the major online map sites.  We love maps.  All kinds.  E.J.’s got a great collection of vintage star maps, copies of which will make up to the site some day.  

Here’s a tidy simplified graphic of the U.S. interstate highway system at a site were map creatives hang out.  So creative, that one of the designers on the thread took the time to fix the errors on the original.

As people who maintain a database with over 46,000 Movieland address entries, we can appreciate that kind of obsession!