Why You Are Here

Hey! What happened?! Well…we’re updating The Movieland Directory site. EJ’s latest database contains over 90,000 entries. That’s three times the original list we posted in 2007. This is a relatively geeky operation, one we undertake infrequently. We’re hoping our old notes, and a few beers, will minimize the time involved.

BTW…we are looking to do more with our site. We’re looking for a developer or partner with experience in location-based, points-of-interest, smartphone development. If you are that person, or know someone, drop us a line at tonyf@movielanddirectory.com


22 Responses to Why You Are Here

  1. Anne says:

    Hi, I’m headed out to LA for a little vacation with my family. I LOVE the movie “The Holiday” and I would love to see in person the Wallace Neff house that was used for Amanda’s LA house. I read on a different sight that you know the address. If you could share I’d really appreciate it! 🙂

  2. movieland says:

    For “The Holiday” we have three entries:
    905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, location filming done at Greystone Mansion
    1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, location filming done at Huntington Library and Estate
    163 S Rockingham, Brentwood, exteriors of Phyllis Diller home used as home of elderly writer in the film
    We have about 20 Neff addresses, though none tagged to that movie. You might be the expert there. If you would like a list of Neff addresses, let us know.

  3. C. Elizabeth Lalla says:

    Hi Everyone, You can’t imagine how much I miss this site. I would come in here several times a day. I’m excited about the increase in entries. Please hurry and get Movieland Directory back up!
    C. Elizabeth Lalla
    Celebrity Writer and Author

  4. Lanny Budd says:

    Did Gable live at 1233 N sweetzer? if so do you know what years?

  5. […] to both the Seeing Stars website and my buddy E.J.’s The Movieland Directory website, a 2006 episode of CSI: Miami was also filmed on the premises.  Because the mansion is said to […]

  6. shisha1999 says:

    When is the estimated date that the site will be back up?

  7. Daniel Howard says:

    Is there any way to get direct contact from someone in charge of this this site regarding a stuntman Dan O’Brien?

  8. […] location and fairly quickly found the information I was seeking thanks to my buddy E.J. over at The Movieland Directory.  E.J.’s website has actually been on a “hiatus” since January 8th of this year, while it is […]

  9. Trina Ann Dolbeare says:

    Please hurry and get the site back up. I miss your site a lot, it’s the best site ever, your information is awesome. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  10. Calvin says:

    I can’t login into movie land to see movie. What’s going on? The site has a new login screen. What I have to do now to get back the original movie land site?

  11. movieland says:

    Hi, Folks. We’re close. Hoping to have the updated database on the site, this week. T

  12. Trina Ann Dolbeare says:

    Hi Tony,
    Wondering when the site will be up, I got an e-mail from u and said u might have it up by the end of the week of Feb. 20, 2012. But it’s still not up, Am I at the right place still or is there a new website address? Please let me know, thanks, Trina

  13. Chicago Business Directory…

    […]Why You Are Here « The Movieland Directory[…]…

  14. Glenn says:

    Looks like it will be a great site when it’s up & running. I’m filming a documentary of Whitley Heights April 10th & 11th and was wondering if you might have any info about who lived where amongst film folk. Thanks!

  15. Hi —

    I conduct tours of the history of Downtown Los Angeles every weekend which, of course, includes a lot of Hollywood film history. My question is – would your group want to get involved in also conducting tours of our area’s Hollywood and film history – or – possibly start off with some other type of involvement?



    Brady Westwater

  16. Darlene Newman says:


    I’d love to speak to you about your note regarding a mobile, location-based partner. The email on the site is returning with an error – so I thought i would reach out to you via blog reply.

    Please feel free to contact me at the email provided.



  17. Trina Ann Dolbeare says:

    Hi Tony,
    Tried to e-mail you with the e-mail address above but I keep getting invalid e-mail error message. How can we e-mail you because I wanted to speak with you regarding helping you all do data entry so your site will be up faster. Sincerely, Trina

  18. Neal Dorr says:



    Neal Dorr

  19. C. Elizabeth Lalla says:


    Is your new sight ready and if so where can we find it?

    C. Elizabeth Lalla
    Celebrity Writer and Author

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