Virtual Globetrotting

Though not exclusively about Los Angeles, theVirtual Globetrotting website is a well put together, feature rich website for the online traveler. In fact, celebrity homes are the most popular tagged maps on the site. The site has great social networking features permitting users to collect and share pages they create.

You will notice – using this example of Steve Martin’s house – that Virtual Globetrotting does not include the address for these locations. (Probably spares them the nasty emails we receive from celebrity lawyers). So, where does that leave you if you’re traveling around LA and would like to check out the ambiance of Steve Martin’s neighborhood (assuming it’s not a gated community)?

Well, you will see that Virtual Globetrotting does offer the latitude and longitude of the location. With that, you can go to a “reverse geocoding” site and enter the coordinates. We will assume that you are not map geeks like us (and that you did not immediately stop reading when you saw “reverse geocoding”). To keep it simple, just replace the latitude and longitude numbers you see in this following link with the coordinates for whatever you find interesting at Virtual Globetrotting:

Entering the resultant web address in your browser will return the nearest post office address.  Entering the “Steve Martin coordinates” returned 9100 Calle Juela Drive, which is darn close to The Movieland Directory address at 9030 Calle Juela Drive. Either way, as a traveler, you are in the neighborhood and can usually tell from the surroundings, and what you have seen online, which house is which (though very many are so well hidden from the street that “ambiance” is all you’re going to get)

Check it out.

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