Neat Paul Bern Research Story

Paul Bern - 1928EJ’s next book is about producer-director-Jean Harlow-husband, Paul Bern. EJ thinks that beyond the glam Jean Harlow hook, Paul’s is an interesting story.

In addition to the many hours in film libraries, in, and digging through his other secondary research sources, EJ talks to people. One thing led to another, and he was on the phone this past week with Paul’s grand-nephew, a professor at Syracuse University. And, here’s “the rest of the story” (to steal a phrase!):

In EJ’s manuscript, which is thisclose to being finished for publication this year, is this little story: “Thalberg thought they needed the best writers available to create scripts for sound films but didn’t believe they were in Hollywood. So, Paul’s first assignment was a trip to New York to look for plays and playwrights. On the 18th he flew east aboard a U.S. Mail plane, sitting atop mail sacks in an open-cockpit bi-plane that made ten stops. But he was in New York in 36 hours. Thalberg followed by train. ”

An interesting story which conjures up an image of flying during the age of Lindbergh. You can imagine EJ’s delight when amongst the materials sent over by Paul’s grand-nephew was this never-before-seen picture of Paul taken in 1928. Maybe the very day of that story!

5 Responses to Neat Paul Bern Research Story

  1. Gerald Davenport says:

    Hello. When do you think your book on Paul Bern will be published? I am very anxious to read it since I am a big Jean Harlow fan (for 40+ years or more). the article just refers to EJ. What is the author’s name, the title of the book, and the publisher. I certainly look forward to this one!!

  2. movieland says:

    Sorry so long to reply but I just noticed your comment. The book is tentatively entitled “Paul Bern: His Life, Death, Jean Harlow, and a Tarnished Legacy.” It’s with the publisher now (McFarland) being edited and such and is scheduled for early summer it looks like. My name is E.J. Fleming; this is my sixth book about Hollywood. Thanks for your interest; the Paul Bern story is a great one and I uncovered some really interesting stuff about Paul, and his relationship with Jean.

  3. David Bowman says:

    In the past, I have read, to be kind, that Jean Harlow was VERY critical of Paul Bern’s in-ability to consumate his marriage to her, at the time, she was labeled as the sexiest woman in the world. Did Paul have high-blood-pressure or Diabetes? If so, the poor man removed himself due to causes that were not under his control. I hope he is at peace.

  4. Yea, these dames are graceful but these ones are frisky. Look at Susy Mench

  5. Benny Drinnon says:

    Looks like you have spam here, or maybe a virus. The message of January 31, 2010, I mean. – Benny Drinnon

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