Lots more addresses on the way…

I’ll have another Hollywood story later today but for now wanted to mention that we’re in the process of updating the address listing in the next few weeks.  When the update is done the TMD site will include 48,500 addresses.  A lot of the update is historic but a good bit is current, updated daily with information from my spy network in L.A.  For instance, last week Britney Spears bought a house at 5970 Ramirez Canyon Road in Malibu.  The Cheetos truck was parked out front this morning waiting for her crystal meth dealer to move his car.

One Response to Lots more addresses on the way…

  1. Hi EJ- I’ve really enjoyed your books, and almost every weekend my kids and I jump in the car and hunt down old actors addresses.w/ your MD as a guide. Lately, I’ve been absorbed w/ the Hwood history in Benedict Canyon. I’ve enjoyed finding all the George Reeveses, Hedda Hoppers, Rudys, Harlows, Harold Lloyds, etc homes, but my latest burning desire is to find the spot where the GEORGE LEWIS MANSION stood. I know it was razed and was somewhere near Hillgrove street off BCD. From films it looks to be higher in the canyon as opposed to closer to BCD. Can you provide any more insight? Also, Im the author of the first full length bio on 30s/40s bandleader Kay Kyser, titled KAY KYSER-THE OL’ PROFESSOR OF SWING! AMERICA’S FORGOTTEN SUPERSTAR. I have an extensive FB page under the book title.Best, Steven Beasley

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