Thelma Todd

James Bacon, the dean of Hollywood Columnists, in the most recent issue of Beverly Hills 213, references EJ’s story from The Fixers on the death of Thelma Todd.  If you don’t know Thelma Todd from Sweeney Todd, check out the links at The Movieland Directory to bring yourself up-to-speed on this talented and fascinating actress.  Her fondness for the fast life set the stage for a death, the circumstances around which remain a mystery to this day.  Though, we have an opinion!  Way more interesting reading than whatever offers up for Paris Hilton.

Whether you find her death or her life interesting, chances are very good that if you are touring Los Angeles you will end up in the vicinity of her famous Cafe along the PCH just north of Santa Monica.  Just above the cafe, winding through the tight streets, you will find the garage where Thelma was found dead at 17531 Posetano.  So, take a break from the ordinary on your tour, and take in some Movieland history!

Speaking of Movieland history, this page has the writeup on last month’s addition of James Bacon on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, next to his friend Frank Sinatra.  Still writing a column at 93 years old.  Sign us up for that!

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