There Goes The Neighborhood!

As ever Bob Goldsborough at Big Time Listings has taken a listing – in this case Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis’ offering of his home at 1410 Davies Drive – and provided chapter and verse you don’t find elsewhere.  We love that kind of obsession.  I don’t know exactly why Mr. Kiedis is selling his neat looking old place, but here’s a thought.  You have a neat old place tucked away in a canyon at the end of the road with lots of old growth surrounding your property.  And, then….  Check out the satellite image of the neighborhood on Virtual Earth.  The Kiedis house is the tan spread on the bend in the road.  Check out the gigantic project across the street, and the other out through the backyard.  4,300 SF never looked so small!  There goes the neighborhood!

An interesting aspect of Virtual Earth’s stitchery of the various satellite angles is that you get to see those houses going up over time.  Make sure you’re in 3D view, then drag the image around and click on the compass rose.  You’ll see different images pop up; shots taken from different angles at different times.  Pretty cool, actually.  Unless you live across the street!

The only Davies Drive address we have presently in The Movieland Directory is 1309 Davies.  That is quite a storied address:  Lance Reventlow lived there (built for him in 1956 by his Mom, Barbara Hutton), Michael Caine, Rupert Murdoch, and Ricky Martin, among others.  You could spend all day within a mile of here, there are so many interesting places.   The subject of E.J.’s next book, Paul Bern, was murdered at 9820 Easton Drive, a five minute drive up Benedict Canyon.

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