Addresses, addresses…

Hi all. 

E.J. here; my brother Tony writes most of the posts but he’s shamed me into participating more often.  It’s probably not as clear as I’d like, but the TMD site has almost 47,000 entries now, which is a testament to sick obsession I’ve had for 20+ years.  I continue to dig them up with the help of friends.  Two new favorite sites are young but great; Big Time Listings and The Real Estalker that both follow celebrity moves. 

I know I’m a curmudgeon, but here’s something that pisses me off.  The whole David & Victoria Beckham moving to L.A. thing and all the press about where they’re going to live.  All the mansions she’s looked at.  The agents she’s gone through.   The money she wants to spend.  She actually walks around in a model strut with her boney shoulders trailing her cadaverous hips by about a foot, all the time.  And how does she keep her cheeks sucked into her mouth without a break?

That being said, I still have the list of most of the mansions that Boney Beckham looked at during her L.A. visit.  A lot of pretty well-known spots.   209 Copa de Oro, a John Byers house that’s been home to a bunch like Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow and Telly Savalas.   461 Faring Road, the Irene Dunne house.   651 Faring Road, the Wendy Finerman house.   1015 Roxbury, a storied address home to Betty Grable, Diane Keaton and Madonna, among others.   215 Strada Corta, the old Bob Newhart house that Deidre Hall is selling.  And about a dozen more.

But, honestly, who cares?  I don’t care where they live.  If some soccer team is stupid enough to pay him $20MM a year to play soccer thinking that enough incremental seats will be sold to pay that salary, terrific.  But, again, who cares?  He plays soccer.  I’m sure he’s a wonderful soccer player, but big deal.  That he’s playing will excite 6 people in L.A. who watch soccer (I know it’s more, but really, be honest, who cares?) and might come to a game just because Beckham is playing.  And her? The sound you hear is someone hurling.  I swear to God she gets moist when she sees a camera.  She freezes into that shoulders back hips to the side suck in the cheeks look disinterested model thing.  It’s kind of scary.  I think she’s repellent, but that’s just me.  And the scientology thing?  I won’t capitalize a hobby.  Just my opinion, but it seems to me to be the most ridiculous organization I’ve ever encountered.  I have to wonder what kind of person would listen to a pseudo-religion based upon aliens coming to the planet and burning everyone in volcanos so we have to pay the church to get the bad karma engrams out of our body to reach a state of clear and only wear the blue shirts.  Did you know that they tell you what kind of blue shirts you can wear when you first join and begin the brainwashing fun?  They do.  Unless you’re celebrity like, say, Tom, and you can afford to just pay the $300,000 and congrats you’ve achieved clear everything’s good have a great life but if you leave the church we’ll tell bad stories about you.  If you’re a good boy – read “mindless” – you get to move from light blue polo to darker blue button-down.  Anyway, apparently the Beckhams are really interested in the goofball club because of their close friends Tom and Katie.  Don’t get me started.  Referral enough.  To summarize, I don’t care where the Beckhams live.  I wish they’d stay in England.



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