Burbank or Oscars?

Well…we missed covering the Oscars. So, let’s talk about Burbank. I see at TMD friend Lisa Burks site that she is now a travel writer, writing on attractions in Burbank for hotelsbycity.net. There…that’s our shamless plug. The Movieland Directory has 119 entries for Burbank, including 4444 Lakeside Drive, home to Walter Lantz, the creator of Woody Woodpecker. (I swear…I clicked on that one totally at random!) You can get a look at Walter, with Woody, here at this tidy little page at Toon Tracker, and this site which “serves as an encyclopedia of every single cartoon produced by Lantz and his talented staff“.

Getting back to the Oscars, turns out that ten of Lantz’ cartoons were nominated for Academy Awards, and in 1979 Walter Lantz received an Oscar for Lifetime Achievement!

There you go! A Hollywood…er…Burbank…and Oscar moment you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet, this week!

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