Johnny Doesn’t Know Who To Trust

A Reuters story, coming out of something called the “Reuters Hotels and Casinos 2007 Summit” in Los Angeles, says that travel websites are clamping down on insiders shilling for hotels and other travel providers.  The story mentions that “trustworthy sources of information are sometimes difficult to find on the Internet”.  Really?  😉

Coincidentally, a Newhouse News Service story published recently suggests that consumers of any web materials, travel or otherwise, might have a hard time telling whether a site is trustworthy.  In a pilot test given to 6,300 high school and college students, “just 52 percent…could correctly judge the objectivity of a web site and only 65 percent assessed the site’s authoritativeness.”

You can be sure if you find a link at The Movieland Directory, or here at our blog, that it’s a great Los Angeles travel or history site which has passed muster with us.  We don’t have time or respect for garbage.  And, if you find a problem with any of our information, let us know.  We will explain or make corrections.

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