LA Ramble

I can’t say I did absolutely nothing at work.  I did some Visual Basic computer programming, which I never do.  And, from my padded cube in Chicago, I sat in on a teleconference with people from New Jersey.  For those who have not ever worked for Giganticorp, all I can say is, “Dilbert.  It’s true.”  Anway…in my “all things LA” day, I came across a relatively new site – I’d never seen before – which looks like the combined efforts of government and non-profit cultural institutions in LA.  Based on the one visit, I’d recommend it to anyone visiting.  Click here for  They had a nice little podcast about Pershing Square.  But, not being the map fiends that we are, they did not include the obvious satellite shot from live.local, nor the obvious TMD address list from the Biltmore across the street.  To look up and down the neighborhood blocks, here’s the Olive Street link from TMD.  Good night!

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