Hollywoodland…the movie

We’re going to the Chicago press showing for the September release of “Hollywoodland“!  The movie revolves around a detective’s (Adrien Brody) investigation of the murder of George Reeves.  Bob Hoskins plays Eddie Mannix, one of the subjects of EJ’s book, The Fixers.  You’ll want to get the book before the movie comes out just for the Superman chapter.  EJ’s theory is unique.  (And, yes…we know the editing for that book is not up to snuff).  He received the passes as a thanks from Newsday’s John Anderson, who tracked EJ down for a discussion of the book and EJ’s take on the murder…or was it?!

One Response to Hollywoodland…the movie

  1. […] Went, last night, to see Hollywoodland using the aforementioned complimentary tix from John Anderson.  First of all, I think it’s pretty cool that – as far as I know – EJ’s book on Eddie Mannix, Howard Strickling, and the MGM PR team is the only one of its kind.  The Superman story is Chapter Six, I believe. […]

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