How Addresses Are Added…Slowly…

This is how “it” works.  This sick, twisted obsession of mine.  Now up to 45,266 names, waiting for the final upload when Tony get’s his butt in gear.  Anyway, I was doing my weekly check of Pasadena filming;

I noted among the various feature films and episodic television being filmed in Pasadena in the next few weeks a program for Touchstone Television with several filming dates listed just as “Episode #302” (one is a misprint, listed as #203).  There are also other Touchstone Television series film locations in the same period, with the series’ name included in the schedule.  This tells the cynical streetwise Hollywood detective that it’s listed #302 because they don’t want people knowing what’s filming, and hence, showing up.  That means popular.  So I did a little poking around and found…

It’s the second episode of Desperate Housewives, which is why they don’t want the world knowing it’s being filmed those days at those addresses.  Lord knows I’d go…

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