Lisa Burks

July 6, 2006

Many thanks to Franchot Tone biographer Lisa Burks for her generously worded post on The Movieland Directory site.  You have to go there to see the absolutely perfect “LA Tour” Bettman/CORBIS picture she found.  I just may have to steal…er…re-use that someday!  (Also, check out the Carole Landis page at TMD for a link to a fascinating look at Lisa’s careful restoration of Carole’s cemetary marker, and the visitors who took a truly  unique story of their LA visit back to Japan!)

Here’s an interesting review in InformationWeek of some successful web development efforts.  We’re following the same low-cost, whatever-we-can-figure-out-how-to-do-ourselves model here at TMD.  It’s probably taking us twice as long as it should.  But, we’re learning; and who can put a price on that!?